Who we are

We are an organization specialized in accessing and implementing projects funded by grants. Since 2000 we are a reliable partner for all those who have decided to travel with us the way from “idea to a successful project.”

Set Objectives

Our concern is the writing, implementation and completion of viable projects that meet the wishes of customers and the requirements of EU-funded programs. Our company’s services include preparing the necessary documentation for obtaining grants from project start until the receipt of the final installment of grant aid and assistance during implementation in cooperation with the management of the financing program.

Team experience

In the nearly 18 years of activity we managed to successfully implement seven projects submitted to Phare funding lines, over 25 consulting projects for establishment of SMEs filed on funding lines from the World Bank by the CEA, 30 youth professional training projects, culture, information dissemination, initiation and development of entrepreneurship.


Completed EU Grant funded projects:


  1. “Steps to the Future – Project for Counseling-Orientation and Entrepreneurship Education” POSDRU / 161 / 2.1 / G / 135935

The overall objective of the project is “To improve the labor market insertion of 360 pupils from Slobozia. Target Target Group: 360 students of the “Mihai Viteazul” National College – Slobozia.

Achieved results:

– 360 students benefiting from guidance and counseling services;
– 101 students in the transition from school to active life by participating in the Level I training firms
– 10 Workshops on “Entrepreneurship for Youth”.


  1. “Roma in Baragan-Inventory of a Way of Life” -PA17 / RO13 / LP37

General Objective: To develop intercultural dialogue and raise the understanding of Roma in Baragan. Target groups targeted directly: photographers; Roma communities in Campia Baraganului; the large public;

Achieved results:

– 1 field campaign on the inventory of oral stories of the Roma;

– 10 studied Roma communities (Ialomita: Traian, Albeşti, Borăneşti, Vlădeni, Călăraşi: Monastery, Borcea, Spanţov, Braila county: Roşiori, Berteştii de Jos, Gropeni);

– 1 photo contest “Roma in Bărăgan – Inventory of a Way of Life” (The themes captured during the contest were: the tracing of the different customs / traditions, the living conditions of the Roma, the specific port, the surprise of the cohabitation between the Roma and the majority population, activities Related to traditional Roma-specific crafts in the Bărăgan area);

– 7 prizes for the photography contest (1st place: Ivan Ionuţ – “The daily ritual of the pot” and Paşata Ionel – “The sun at sunset … and it is rising!” Second place: Dobre Nicu Adrian – Vasile Alecsandri and his Porojan! “And Paşata Ionel -” Timpule, an old gypsy, pulls the country to the road! “Third place: Florin Floreanu -” Ironworks Workshop “and Vintilă Mircea -” Bring the good fork ” Popularity: Ivan Ionuţ with the photo “The end of the day around the fire.” Which received 2861 likes.)

– 1 photo exhibition “Roma in Bărăgan – Inventory of a Way of Life”;

– itinerary of the photo exhibition in the 10 Roma communities in Bărăgan;

– 1000 copies of the work “Roma in Bărăgan – Inventory of a Way of Life” (The material collected on the field contains essential information about the Roma culture and the work in which it is exploited is thought to be an instrument meant to improve the process of understanding and accepting cultural diversity)

– 1000 copies exhibition catalog “Roma in Bărăgan – Inventory of a way of life”

– 120 copies of the work distributed to cultural institutions.


  1. “Training – the basis of sustainable development of the villages in the Calarasi County “- FEADR

Overall objective: “To facilitate the transformation and modernization of the rural economy to make it more competitive and contribute to economic growth in the territory.”

  • 72 beneficiaries enrolled in training programs;
  • 72 people participating in the experience exchange visits;
  • 72 certificates for participation in the course of “Ecological agriculture”


  1. “You can do it too!” – better skills for employment – PHARE 2006/018-

            Specific objective: developing employment skills and labor market adapting of people looking for work in rural areas and people working in agriculture with low incomes. Results:

  • 160 people counseled and trained to develop skills for employment in the labor market;
  • 160 hours of skills development training;
  • 80 hours of individual counseling for skills development;
  • 16 people hired within 12 months of project completion;
  • a support course published electronically and on paper;
  • a market research completed  with the study “Identifying the needs for skills and qualifications needed to reduce imbalances in the labor market”;
  • a Job Fair;
  • a career seminar;
  • 5000 leaflets and 500 posters;
  • 160 diplomas certifying participation in the project.


  1. “Help yourself! Active measures for unemployed people from Ialomita County” – PHARE 2005/017-553. 314

Specific objective: providing employment services to 120 unemployed in Ialomita County, specialized counseling and mediation methods in terms of equal opportunities.


  • 120 people counseled and informed in modern techniques of searching for a job;
  • Research completed with a study “Values, attitudes and behavior in recruitment and personnel management”;
  • a job fair; a modernized and updated webpage of electronic mediation;
  • 120 degrees of participation in the program.


  1. Workshop for  workforce qualification, requalification for an occupation based group ” Wood processing operators” – COR code 8141”- PHARE 2005/017-553.

Project goal: promoting competitiveness and adaptability of the existing workforce at the level of implementation of the applicant enterprise, to increase productivity in the workplace, while promoting equality and combating discrimination in the labor market through correct and transparent implementation of a  Human Resources project.


  • 36 employees of the company SC ORIZONT SRL trained and retrained in being a “worker processing semi-finished wood products” nomenclature code 8141.1.5 level 1 qualification;
  • 35 SC ORIZONT SRL employees qualified as “Operator in the production of semifinished wood-based” classification code 8141.2.2 those who have graduated within level 1 qualification;
  • 1 Publication in 100 copies comprising the main project activities and results obtained within 12 months;
  • 71 qualification degrees nationally recognized in the first year of implementation;
  • 4 licenses obtained for teaching courses in basic trades group COR 8141 (2 for the Partner and 2 for the Applicant).


  1. “Adaptation through qualification” PHARE 2004/016-772.

Objective: workforce development to become more adaptable in the context of skills shortages and to better meet the evolving needs of the labor market.


  • 1 CNFPA authorization issued by the Commission authorization of Ialomita, representing legal accreditation of the course “Fitter of plasterboard walls and ceilings”;
  • 1 curriculum (program) of the Course;
  • 1 teaching project;
  • 46 qualification certificates;
  • 1 study;
  • 30 brochures containing the study;
  • advertising materials: 263 leaflets, 50 posters;
  • 4 Press releases;
  • 1 seminar.


  1. “Be active! Active measures for unemployed citizens of Ialomita” – PHARE 2003/005-551-

Project results:

  • a labor mediation web site;
  • a manual containing materials supported during the seminars and the views of the beneficiaries, printed in 300 copies;
  • a study on Ialomiţa’s employer profile used as a tool in guiding the direct beneficiaries;
  • 3 jobs fairs organized during project implementation in the areas Slobozia, Urziceni, Fetesti;
  • 6 press releaseson the launch of the project, the launch of the website, conducting fairs in the three areas and the project completion.


“Steps for the Future – Project for counseling-guidance and entrepreneurial education” POSDRU/161/2.1/G/135935


 The project is implemented by CIC Labor in partnership with the National College “Mihai Viteazul” and is co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 with an implementation period of 18 months from the date of 05/05/2015.

The overall objective is to improve employability in the labor market of 360 students in the town of Slobozia.

Achieved results:

  1. 360 students benefiting from guidance and counseling services;
  2. 101 students helped in the transition from school to working life by attending the 4 Level I training firms;
  3. 10 workshops on “Youth Entrepreneurship”;
  4. 1 study visit to a fair.

Target group:

  • 360 students enrolled in the national education system of the National College “Mihai Viteazul” – Slobozia classes IXth, Xth, XIth and XIIth.

Activities for the target group:

  1. Counseling and vocational guidance:

 Counseling and vocational guidance ensures:

  • own resources, qualities, abilities and personal skills awareness;
  • information on development opportunities and labor market dynamics;
  • accumulating knowledge on writing a CV, a letter of intent and the presentation manner to an interview with a potential employer.
  1. Training firms:

 The training firms have contributed to the development of entrepreneurship among students of the National College “Mihai Viteazul” by:

  •        familiarizing students with the specific activities of training firms;
  •       simulation of economic processes and operations specific to real business environment;
  •        improving and ownership of the business language.

  1. Workshops on “Youth Entrepreneurship”

offered the target group the opportunity to discuss case studies and interact within workshops with speakers that were noted in the promotion of entrepreneurial culture. The activity responded  the target group’s  need to know relevant real business experience and business-specific behavioral patterns; direct contact with real business information generated from active attitudes

  1. Study visit to a fair: METRO Expo 2015

A unique networking event that provided opportunities and business solutions. With an exclusive audience selected from the top management area, this networking event brought together business people willing to share their knowledge and experience to find profitable solutions. The visit provided the contact of the target group with the main activities of the fair; The target group analyzed the businesses presented at the fair and developed interactive relationships with the exhibitors.