Homage to the Heroes in the Plain-A Memorial for Sacrifice and Welfare in Baragan

The Center for Training and Consultancy Labor in partnership with the National War Veterans Association (Ialomiţa) announces the launch of the project “Homage to the Field Heroes – A Memorial for Sacrifice and Welfare in Bărăgan”, financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, for the anniversary of the Romanian Centenary (1918- 2018) and the First World War.

The project runs from 27.09.-07.12.2018 in the counties of Brăila, Calarasi, Ialomita and Ilfov.

The aim of the project is to revitalize the patriotic feeling and to strengthen the identity belonging to the Romanian nation and people by re-establishing the emotional bonds between the heroes ahead and their descendants from the Baragan Plain.

The project aims:
-Recovery and promotion of the World War I memorial and documentary heritage for a wider audience;
-Increasing the involvement of the population in the recovery and development of the local historical heritage related to the First World War;
-To make 10 exhibitions in memory of the forerunners and heroes who fell during the First World War;
-Increasing the general participation in the region on the celebration of the Centenary;

Project activities will be presented concurrently with their deployment so as to create the appropriate framework for involving as many participants as possible.

Tel / fax:
0371 356 956